I have battled with ruqyah and spiritual cleansing of the soul for many years and in this guide i will impart to you some of the basics of dealing with jinn and shayateen. Some of the occassions i have dealt with much larger evils and by the grace of Allah, overcome them. You CAN and infact MUST learn how to deal with these ailments by yourself. Stop googling ruqyah sheikhs, where that then has to be around your schedule and you have to pay time and time again, because these are problems that come back time and time again, where some people use jinn to catch other jinn…this is not the way to deal with it, unless you want to be constantly in the cycle of having jinn problems.

I dealt with major issues like this, i have been decieved by jinn for long periods of time, quoting islam, quran and more. I have spoken to jinn and shayateen and my lesson is, never speak to them, never try to ask them where did it come from, who did it, etc. YOU WILL BE DECEIVED, LIED TO AND TAKEN INTO A WORLD THAT IS HARD TO COME OUT OF. By the grace of Allah swt I was able to pull away and defeat it using the very basics of the Quran. It comes down to:

Faith in the power of the words you yield from the Quran, it is not you, but the words of Allah that hold the immense power.
Intention, pure intention with intent to deal with the jinn, to kill any entity that may be troubling you, your spouse or anything within your household.

Each issue needs a different intention:

  • when it is ayn, read with intention to remove evil eye/ayn/nazar.
  • When it is hasad, read with intention to remove that.
  • When it is sihr or magic, read with the intention of removing and unknotting that, purifying it with the imagery of water and zamzam, even the scent of musk.
  • When it is possession of jinn, read with the intention to KILL any entity within you, around you or in your house afflicting you.
  • When it is possession by shaitan, read with the intention of destroying it, anything that protects it and removing it and its evils from your life. Picture wielding the sword of Allah – zulfiqar, as you read to kill the entities. Have that intent and imagination that drives your intent whilst you read.

Stay tuned as I will be guiding through individual readings for the different areas and giving the toolkit to help you daily.

All throughout this journey you should also look within yourself and read for your own enlightenment and guidance towards Allah swt. The clearer your soul is, then ruqyah can be performed easier. Do not be put off or afraid, do not ever think you are not good enough, too weak or unable. this is whispers of jinn to stop you from removing them or making improvements in your spiritual life. Every journey has a first step, and you should not put yourself down, thinking you are not good enough.